mzlazPlanet UPtune is a magical atmosphere of music and imagination for both the young and young at heart. A Montessori educator with over 20 years experience, Angela Lazarony (aka "Mz. Laz") discovered the planet a few years back when inspired by the children she taught at a Baltimore city preschool.

Using her talents as a songwriter and singer, she began to interpret lyrically how children view the world--from the sheer joy of riding a bike to the wonder and simple beauty of a rainbow. Talented Baltimore musicians helped bring the songs to life including co-writer John Davis on drums, Mike Forrester on guitar, Keith Gibson on keyboards and Angelo Camaratta on bass. Internationally acclaimed jazz saxophonist Ron Holloway appears on several tracks as well as Baltimore Symphony Orchestra musician and composer Jonathan Jensen. The debut release was recorded and produced by Dave Nachodsky at Invisible Sounds Studio in Baltimore.

The result is a fun mix of musical styles from Latin beats to jazz to nursery rhyme turned rock song and more!

So whether they are rockin' and rollin', hippin' and hoppin',or hee-in' and hawin', you are sure to find the music of Planet UPtune always fun and finger-poppin'!